ALL IN embodies the message of inclusion through the personalization of the LGBTQ community in collegiate and professional sports. The PSA features prominent leaders in the women’s sports community speaking in their own intimate words on the importance of inclusion.



Tour of Champions engages Division I, II and III national champions who courageously use positions of leadership and influence as a platform to combat homophobia and anti-gay bias in women’s college sports. We welcome all championship teams to join us.



We seek to build a pipeline of leadership in the women’s sports community by engaging athletes as advocates who serve as leaders and mentors, while helping peers and youth understand the importance of creating safe and inclusive spaces for everyone.

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I pledge to break the silence and support inclusion in women’s sports. I pledge to champion respect for all student-athletes, coaches, and administrators, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity or expression, and encourage others to do the same.

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Why is Inclusion in Sports Important?

"Sometimes we forget that change isn't going to come in our comfort zone."

− Layshia Clarendon, Professional Athlete

"It's an opportunity to see people for what their potential is and not for what your expectations of them are."

− Stephanie Wheeler, Paralympian/ Head Coach

"I'm optimistic and I'm excited and I'm hopeful that we're moving forward in a direction where all people, everyone, feels welcome."

− Lin Dunn, Hall of Fame Coach

"I don't want players to feel that we're waiting for coaches to make the move, I think that it's on us. If we have something to say, we have to say it."

− Mikayla Lyles, Student-Athlete

"There's not many female athletes that are out that are role models, and so I think there's opportunity in that."

− Jennifer Molina, Olympian

"I'm ready and willing to help anybody come forth for that support because we all need mentoring, we all need role models."

− Sherri Murrell, Head Coach